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2 August 2000 ... Apartment Tax
In the beginning the Static Girl and WC moved into an apartment in the desert. They discovered they had to pay a tax on rent. A Tax? on Rent? They had never heard of such a thing. But they must pay.

Months pass and then they get a note saying there is a new tax on rent which they must pay. The Static Girl goes to talk to the stupid people.
Stupid people: "There is no new tax."
Static Girl: "But what is this bill for then?"
Stupid people: "The tax started in January."
Static Girl: "But we moved here in March."
Stupid people: "That sounds about right."
Static Girl: "What?"
Stupid people: "They forgot to tell you about the new tax."
Static Girl: "Oh. So how much do we owe for rent now?"
Stupid people: "You can come tomorrow and they will print out a balance sheet for you."
Static Girl: "Okay."

The next day...
Static Girl: "I need a balance sheet."
More Stupid people: "Nope. Our computers crashed. We don't know when they will get fixed."
Satanic Girl: "Grrrrr."

The scary thing is, I was actually about to ask what kind of computer system they had and what their problem was. Heh. As if I didn't have enough computer woes to deal with. They probably wouldn't let me touch their 'puters anyway, seeing as how I had turned into Satanic Girl.

So WC goes into the apartment office and apparently talks to someone with half a brain. There really is a new tax, it started in July, and we need to add this much to our monthly rent.

Everything they told me the other day was complete bull. Gods! That pisses me off to no end. I am angry, damnit! Instead of saying "I don't know, why don't we look into this," that bleeping idiot had to feed me some line about how he knows everything that is going on, when he obviously had no clue. Brushing me off because I look and am gullible. He lied to me. And I hate that. Looked right at me. And lied.


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