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29 July 2000 ... Little Lights
So I'm lying in bed, and suddenly I notice I am surrounded by all these little lights. No, I'm not going crazy. I'm talking about those LED lights on all the equipment around here.

First you've got the alarm clock. Okay, fine. Across the room is the red led on the stereo. And the green light on the printer. Three lights on my network hub, all green. Two lights on a computer speaker. The little light on the monitor is orange indicating it has turned itself off.

Then there's this eerie green light coming from inside my computer. Yes, folks, there's a light on my motherboard. I'm not exactly sure why the motherboard would need a light. And the only time you would even notice that the motherboard has a light is if the computer was broken and the case was open and it was dark and the computer is actually on. Which, you know, isn't really supposed to happen.

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