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27 July 2000 ... Adventures in Computing
Adventures in Computing: The Story of My Life

So, Cheri's computer dies. Cheri tries to fix it by reinstalling Windows. This makes matters much worse! Cheri unplugs everything from her computer and tries to reinstall Win again. Five million tries later, Windows starts working again. Yay!

Slowly, Cheri reinstalls her hardware. She reinstalls her video card and her trackball. She plugs her modem back in and reinstalls the communications port and the modem and the nice TCP/IP settings. She plugs in the net card and spends some time making that work.

Then she loses her screwdriver.

When she finds her screwdriver she plugs in the sound card and tries, tries to make it work. Several crashes later it starts working.

Everything is back now, except some programs aren't working. hmm. These are very important programs and Cheri decides she needs to reinstall Windows again to make them work.

Cheri's computer promptly dies again. Return to the top of the story to see what happens next. Many, many hours later, everything works again... except of course the important programs that Cheri was trying to fix in the first place. Arrgh!

Cheri coddles her poor computer some more. She makes bandaids with some stolen files. She decides she wants to upgrade the Internet Explorer. The computer dies again. Begin cussing and return to the top of the story to see what happens next.

The End.
Or The Beginning.

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