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10 June 2000 ... Adric the Guinea Pig
Adric the Guinea Pig This morning when I was playing with Adric the guinea pig, I decided to take a few pictures. :)

On the outside looking in. I try to let Adric out of his home every day for as long as he wants. My bedroom is mostly Adric-proofed, as long as I remember to shut the closet door and pick up my books. Quite a few of my books and papers have little teeth marks on them. Adric looking into his home

Adric playing with his toy This is Adric playing with one of his toys, a pop top off a soda can. He will chew on these things for several minutes before running off to find something else to chew on. Guinea pigs' teeth are constantly growing and they have to chew to wear them down. If Adric wasn't chewing enough, his teeth would grow too long and we would have to go to the vet to clip his teeth.

Adric is hiding. Adric hiding

Close up of Adric Here's a close up of the rosette on Adric's head. Rosettes are basically star burst shaped cow licks in the fur. Some breeds of guinea pigs have rosettes all over their body. Adric has only got one, right on his forehead.

All this running around has tired Adric out. He's going to lay down and take a nap now. Adric resting

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