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13 May 2000 ... Da-ya
For Easter, WC got me a stuffed animal. It's a cute, lavender bunny and I've been pondering about what to name it. Names are very important. What you name your pets, stuffed animals, cars, electrical equipment or body parts says a lot about you. I like unusual names.

Adric the guinea pig is named after a character on an old British show I used to watch, Dr. Who. There is no resemblance between the Dr. Who character and my friend the guinea pig, I just thought the name was unique.

Pepé the Pound Puppy isn't named after anyone. Pepé is so old that I can't remember why I named him that. :)
The Pepé Story

And now we come to the purple bunny. I've decided on Da-ya.

You say: "What kind of stupid name is that?"
cheri says: "Shut up and listen to my story."

Remember the movie The Holy Grail by Monty Python? My favorite part is the bunny scene...

The quest has lead King Authur and the Knights of the Round Table to a cave where they can find information about the Holy Grail. But the cave is guarded by a monster. They are all staring down into the cave when the monster emerges: a cute little white rabbit. King Authur and his Knights go down to kill the bunny. The bunny attacks! Jumping around! Ripping out throats! Blood Dripping! Yay!

Half the knights are killed before King Authur orders the retreat. "Run Away! Run Away!" In the end, of course, they kill the bunny with the Holy Hand Granade of Antioch.

Anyway. Da-ya. The bunny moster in Grail doesn't have a name, but at one point Tim the Enchanter says: "Death awaits you all, with nasty, big pointy teeth!" That's my favorite quote from the movie, and that's where Da-ya comes from: Death awaits you all. Get it?

You say: "That's dumb."
cheri says: "Shut up."

Da-ya the Bunny

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