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11 May 2000 ... Damn Netscape Again
Yay! Happy Birthday Me! I am 27 today.

And I am on the war path against Netscape again today. The antagonism between myself and that damn corporation just never stops!

I have three free web-based email accounts with netscape. I use these email accounts on a daily basis and have quite a bit of legitimate email going through there. I had even shut down my Hotmail account and transferred almost everything to the Netscape accounts. Why? Because Netscape was serving my needs better than Hotmail.

Hotmail has this very annoying habit... When you click on a link in Hotmail email, it opens a new window and puts the link in a two frame page. The bottom frame is the actual link you clicked on. The top frame advertises Hotmail. bah. Annoying. And I can't bookmark the link, because the frames put a lot of garbage into the URL. And in IE, my primary browser, there is no easy way to get rid of the frames.

So. That was Hotmail. I got annoyed and moved all my email to Netscape Webmail, which opened links in a normal manner. Until today. Today, of all days, on my birthday! Netscape decides to do the same thing as Hotmail, with the link going into a frame. Ga. Witness the Static Girl banging her head against the wall.

uh, huh. And now what am I supposed to do? Take a few aspirin and shoot off a few "Please, please don't do the frame thing" to Netscape. And then? Sighs. Find a new free email account and start making the move there. Boy. Am I annoyed!

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