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23 April 2000 ... Rejection

Hm. My very first rejection letter. I applied over at the Open Directory Project (and no, I am not giving you their link) to be a volunteer editor. And they don't want me. Even tho their directory is a mess, I was there less than a minute before I ran into a dead link. So they don't want me to clean up their act. Did I mention the ODP is owned by Netscape? They just keep making mistakes when I'm concerned, don't they.

Ah well. So much for them. There are dozens of places that will pay for my services. I just need to get motivated. That's all.

I suppose I will have to take my bunny down on Monday since Easter will be over. shoot. I thought he was kind of cute. I will have to make a new page over in Design to display my new um bar creations.

Cheri wanders around aimlessly. What else is new. Hey. Wait a minute. What's with all these "failed page requests"?? Cheri looks into the problem. Hm, I see the problem. Well, that's easily... oh. no. oh. shit. Please, let me have a back-up of that file some where, oh please, please, please. ... cheri double checks, and the file is right where it was supposed to be. huh? But it wasn't there a second ago! phew! Yet again cheri is saved from a nervous break down by her crazy computer. And is reminded for the hundredth time: BACK UP YOUR FILES!!

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