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22 April 2000 ... Frustrated
Ack. I am being restless and unsatisfied and frustrated today. The other day, when I was going through my site, I realized that I needed a new general site design. The present design, with the blue lines and the side-ways "static" graphic, is one of the oldest designs I have and it does not work happily on all browsers, specifically Netscape screws up my tables.

So. I decided I needed a new baseline template for my pages. I want something simple yet elegant, and doesn't take forever to download, something unique. Something different.

Unfortunately, it's not happening today. "The flow is not flowing." grumble, grumble. And now I am going to obsess about it, too.

In other news, I have applied to be an editor over at Open Directory Project. My goal is to take over the Internet. You guys should start being nice to me now or you'll be sorry when I reign as Supreme Dictator of the Net.

Well, I hope you have seen my site map. It's, um, some semblance of a new base design. Mostly just for fun, being easter and all. :) Note: Easter design now found at Bar Creations.

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