A Bit Too Close

My neighbor Sophy has a hole that goes under her front step. A ground squirrel lives there. I saw him the other day when I went visiting for coffee. He's a pretty cute critter.

They are building across the street. A new subdivision where before it was a school and a park and marked off wild land. The prairie dogs used to have a pretty big colony there, in the wild land. You would see them poking their heads out of their burrows every time you drove by.

I'm sure the builders just killed those poor creatures. Crushed their homes with the bulldozers, poisoned the rest. I'm sure they had to kill a lot of those animals, but of course, they kept it from the public. You don't tell peope how many animals you destroyed just to build cookie cutter homes with tiny lawns that sit a bit too close to the road and a bit too close to the other houses for comfort.

It wasn't just prairie dogs either. Couple of times, a fox family went through my yard, and Sophy's too. You feel sorry for those foxes, kicked out, looking for a new place to live. And there just isn't any room for them. You feel sorry for all the critters. But what can you do? You wish there was something you could do...

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