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17 April 2000 ... Midi and the old days
Oh boy. Cheri gets sidetracked. I delved deep into my hard drives and came across my Midis. Most of them are dated 1997, a few from '95 and '96. Ah, the good old days when midis and wavs were the best sounds computers had to offer. :) Care for a random sampling?

Final Fantasy
Europe, The Final Countdown
Depeche Mode, Everything Counts
NIN, Something I Can Never Have
Eurythmics, Sweet Dreams

Yeah, I could only wish my MP3 collection was as extensive as my midi. But that's illegal. So we won't talk about my MP3 collection, okay.

My wav files show my eccentric tastes. Ice Pirates, Heathers, Dr. Who, Big Trouble in Little China, NeverEnding Story, Clockwork Orange, Monty Python Grail, the Last Unicorn. Does anyone remember a show called The Kindred? How about Forever Knight? No? Millennium? :)

It's amazing to me how far we have come in the computer world. In the mid-80s I was 11 or 12 and my dad brought home one of the first home computers, the "lovely" TRS-80. I learned binary, basic dos commands as well as a bit of BASIC, in short order. I guess I got a bit of a jump start on this computer thing.

In the last five years especially, the computer revolution has solidified around us. You'd be hard pressed to find a college today without a computer lab, high schools and grade schools probably aren't that far behind. Fifty percent of the world has access to the Internet.

This is all in the last ~35 years. And it took centuries for people to believe Copernicus and Galileo that the earth wasn't flat and that the sun didn't revolve around the earth. Not only have we accepted computers, but we've propagated them like bunnies.

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