fri 1 apr 2016

March was not a good month for me. I was very sick for a week and I stayed "not well" and needing 10 or 12 hours of sleep for a long time. Day job has been stressful, and it continues to be. I had a little issue with my windshield...

crack in the windshield

... approximately 6 inches across, not quite in my direct line of sight ...

which has actually been the least stressful thing this month because my wonderful Significant Other took care of it: He called around and got Speedy Glass out to my day job to replace the windshield out in the parking lot. Nice!

But back to my complainings.

I have had a terrible time with my postcards. After a little bit of procrastination, and many dumb excuses, I realized that I'm just not going to send out my regular "March" postcards to friends and family.

It makes me sad that I am not doing my favorite thing in the world. It's a little bit a lack of enthusiasm, a little bit I need more sleep, and a little bit of wanting to change things up.

My Intentions for April:

  Get back to my horse drawing class. The class officially ran in Nov and Dec, but I had to quit at the end of november. The class will remain open until June, I think; it's not a forever class and I'd really like to at least try to get through to the end. So I'm going to draw some horses.

  Wouldn't it be nice to have a few blog updates?!

  Stuff needs to happen at our community garden plot.

  As for the postcard situation, I am not going to force it. If I take a photo that I'm excited about and want to share, I will return to sending out crazy amounts of postcards. If not, I won't.

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