Last LetterMo Weekend
sat 27 feb 2016


My goals for this year's LetterMo:

  My letter writing goal for this year is to write more letters: Specifically 10 notecards or stationery letters a month. In january I only sent 9, so I was hoping to send 11 during february.

  I wanted to send a postcard to all of my MoL friends. I currently have 41 friends there, but 3 or 4 have removed their address from their profile.

  When I got a roll of Additional Ounce Penguin stamps (to make up for the lack of Global, International rate stamps), I bragged that I wanted to send 100 International mailings. haha. I had never counted how much international mail I send so I had no clue if this was even possible... well, other than the fact that I usually only send ~130 postcards a month and probably less than 1/3 are out of the country!

  I sent 163 mailings last february for LetterMo. I wanted to send more than that this year. I was hoping for 175.

sending out the first Moon Global stamps today

I was seriously side-tracked with a computer glitch which kept me preoccupied for the 2nd week of feb. But, I've rallied and tried to make a decent come back! And I've still got this weekend to make mail to send out on Leap Day! Here's where I stand right now:

  7 Letters sent

  Postcards sent to about my MoL friends

  48 International postcards and letters sent

  156 total bits sent off in the mail

hmm. I probably won't get 4 more letters written this weekend. And I definitely won't get 50 some postcards out internationally!

But that's okay: I don't expect any mailing miracles to happen this weekend, but I'll keep working on it...

And I will continue with my goals into next month.

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