Refuse to Choose
thurs 5 mar 2015

I still hadn't decided what project I'm going to work on this month... and last night I sat down to think some thoughts about that. Very important to do -- to think some thoughts -- every once in a while! ;)

My dilemma was choosing between a project that I want to do (study WordPress) and a project that I should be doing (finishing my Journal class). I was procrastinating because I can't choose, but in the process of *not choosing*, nothing is getting done! Not the "should" project, not the "want to" project, and certainly not anything else!

Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher

But then I realized, from my reading of one of my favorite creativity books, Refuse to Choose: it's a false dilemma! I don't have to choose between the two projects... I can do them both. I can go every other day, or I can do one during the week and the other during the weekend, or I can spend an hour here and an hour there getting them both done.

I don't know why I get stuck "trying to decide", but it happens every once in a while. Which is why it's nice to re-read the book and remind myself that I can do everything!

Yay Everything! haha. :D

But now I need a bit of motivation to get me through the "should do" project of my journal class since I seem to have lost my enthusiasm for it. I think I'm going to whip up a little calender, and put circles around the days that I do my homework and stuff... and then post it here... Kinda like...

my cute lil calendar Journal Class Progress
Thu, 05 Mar

Last night, I wrote my homework for Day 2 (of 28)

February Cherry Blossoms

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