sat 28 feb 2015


LetterMo 2015

This is the last day of the Month of Letters challenge of sending daily mail. I have sent mail every day and I have met my personal goal of sending more than 150 bits of mail.

Trouble is, I haven't sent all the mail I planned on! I just ran out of time for the Dec PCs, the packages, a couple of long letters, the BH Monthly Greeting Card exchange which I'm about 6 months behind on! Oh, and not to mention all the replies I want to make... I met some great new pen pals this year.

So the spirit of LetterMo will continue for at least another month or two. :)

But, with a new month, I want to start a new project! I have so many things I want to do and I must make room for them.

  What I REALLY want to do is start studying WordPress. This is a project that I've had in the back of my mind for a while. The book I bought is over there, staring at me, "read me, read me." ha.

  What I Should be doing is completing the Journal class I took in january. I got about half-way thru before I ran out of steam, and time. It's not a forever class, meaning the lessons will disappear mid-April, so I really need to go back and do my homework.

  But I kinda want to do some art projects... Get out the calligraphy pen and the inks, or start a new notebook with some coloured pencil drawings.

  There are a couple organizational projects to do... like printing and binding my paper journals, and setting up some photo albums of my postcards, and going thru some of the boxes in my closet. My inbox is up over 100 again.

  Plus a 100 other projects that interest me. We've already started working in our community garden plot. I need to work out a plan of action for the veganic gardening club I'm a member of. And there's a vegan mailing group I have plans for. I've been slacking off, I need to get some exercise. And when it's not raining, I'd like to go get some photos at Fern Ridge. And I'd like to start practicing American Sign Language. Plus all the other books I want to read. Piano. Significant Other is learning to juggle, I want to, too!

And, well, do you really want me to type out all 100 things?! I don't actually have time for that! ;)

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