Independence Day Weekend
sat 5 july 2014


Yep, we went out to see the fireworks. I had fun, but think next year we'll have to find a new place to watch... The fireworks didn't seem to go up as high this year, and most of the explosions were half hidden by the trees at the bottom of this pic! disappointing!

Plus, I need to remember to study my camera settings before I leave the house! ha. I just guessed on one of the night settings, since this cam doesn't have a specific "fireworks" setting. humph.

And this morning, a trip to the garden...

Baby Butternut

We've got a baby butternut squash! Ate a couple cherry tomatoes today. And the lemon cucumber plant is finally getting serious about growing. Couple more beets will be ready to pull up maybe next weekend.

And I'll be picking the 4th yellow Gold Rush zucchini tomorrow...

sharing space

It's a little bit hard to see in the above pic because of the morning sunlight, but that is a volunteer tomato plant on the right! ha!

We had a volunteer tomato plant last year as well, but it didn't amount to much, tho it did make a few tomatoes. This one looks much healthier! It's interesting because the only tomatoes we plant are hybrids, which shouldn't be able to reproduce. But, I guess "Life Finds A Way"! :)

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