USA, Hobby Lobby Decision
fri 4 july 2014

I try to avoid politics, but this thing annoys me so much, I feel I should type something about it.

On Monday, the US Supreme Court ruled that corporations may claim religious rights to be exempt from Obamacare's mandatory coverage for birth control. Basically, Hobby Lobby will not cover certain forms of birth control in the health insurance they provide to their employees.

This is horrifing on so many levels. Not paying for birth control in your health plan? What century do we live in? And then, we are granting ever more individual rights to corporations. And also, it is opening the door a little wider on the "war on women".


I am not happy with the Hobby Lobby decision, and I am not proud to live in a country where corporate rights trump the rights of people.

Enough of that. Here is some cuteness relief...

guinea pigs, Ethel and Lucy

That's Ethel eating some beet greens and Lucy who has snubbed the beet greens and wonders what she's supposed to eat. haha.

Update: 12 July

Thanks to Aimee Dars for the link...

Knit a Brick, Secular Coalition for America

I am supporting this campaign!

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