Happy New Year
wed 1 jan 2014

Yay New Year!

In 2013, I read 36 Books! My average book was 320 pages and I read about 221 pages a week.

In 2013, I sent 945 Postcards, Notecards, Letters and Packages! That's an average of 78 mailings a month. My biggest mailing month was august, when I sent 121 bits of mail because I was so happy to get a new printer after the old one died.

In 2013, I took on 37 Urgent Action cases and Write for Rights cases for Amnesty International.

In 2013, I took 6670 Photos! Averaging 555 per month.

In 2013, Rhino the guinea pig died in January. We adopted Lucy and Ethel in June. I took a trip to Colorado for my 40th birthday in May, and a trip to see family in Colorado and Iowa in December. Our community garden plot seemed to be the most organized and productive yet in 2013.

I had taken on a daily drawing challenge in Nov 2013, and I remained enthusiastic about it to the end. I think I might be interested in continuing that challenge throughout 2014. I will start with a goal of 5 small drawings a week, and adjust as needed!

My theme for 2014 is "Take Care". There are some home and self projects that I have procrastinated and need to take care of.

Most important is to continue being the best vegan I can be.

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