sat 14 dec 2013

I have no drawings to show you this week, mostly due to this:

snow on the mailboxes

which made both my work day and my commute time longer. I did not have as much time in the evenings for play.

That's okay. I am very excited to share a photo from my walk today...

I was walking along the bike path, which runs next to the creek, when I saw a group of ducks paddling towards something like there was a human giving out bread...

Except I was the only human, and they weren't paddling towards me.

I looked.
And then I saw what they were interested in...

who is he?

Who is that?! He looks like a ferret. And I think he was about that size. He did swim in the creek.

The ducks were very interested in him. And he did not bother them. He is definitely a carnivore, but too small to take on a mallard, especially with the whole flock staring at him!

I think he might be a Mink? How awesome is that!

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