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sun 1 dec 2013

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For the last week of my daily drawing project I drew a goat, and then several different turkeys...

Patrick at Farm Sanctuary

Here is a drawing of Daphne, who is on the cover of the fall/winter Farm Sanctuary newsletter:

Daphne at Farm Sanctuary

This is an unnamed turkey, who is on the cover of the nov/dec Audubon magazine:

Audubon turkey

And this is a drawing I did from one of my own photos I took at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary, an awesome vegan sanctuary that I ♥love♥:

Peaceful Prairie turkey

I love turkeys! They are such lovely creatures. Plus they have the most beautiful eyes. I wish I could look into their eyes for a long time. That sounds funny, doesn't it. But trust me... find a really good, close up photo of a turkey's face and you will see their eyes are amazing! (and please don't base your judgement on my crappy drawings!!)

Also, I love birds in general because they are so accessible... and turkeys are the biggest bird I'm going to see in the urban wild. Yep, there's a small group of turkeys who live in a forest park a few miles from my home. They occasionally travel! I've seen them stopping traffic on my street and I've seen them wander thru the front yard.

How cool is that?!

sat 7 dec 2013

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Amnesty International letters

Last weekend I was getting a head start on Amnesty International's Write for Rights.

I wrote letters of protest and notecards of solidarity for 7½ of the ten cases! The letter writing campaign goes through to the 17th of December, and I think I'll have time to finish up the rest before then.

I hope you'll join me in writing letters! Amnesty USA provides sample letters that you can just print up and sign, stick it in an envelope and send it on it's way... and you've made a difference in the world!

Write for Rights, Scotland 2012: How Letters Change the World

This week, I decided to keep going with my drawing project. I won't be able to continue the "daily" part for much longer, since I get distracted with family stuff at the end of december. But until that moment arrives, I am going to go where the inspiration takes me...

I wanted to give the Peaceful Prairie turkey some colour...

peaceful prairie turkey

And then I had to search for some pics that interested me. I found a spoonbill and a dolphin:



And then, moving some of my piles around, I rediscovered my Charley Harper book. He is one of my favorite artists. I thought copic markers would lend themselves wonderfully to the flat colours that Harper uses!

a Charley Harper knock off

Charley Harper Nuthatch

Yeah! Oh my gosh! I had so much fun doing these!!

sat 14 dec 2013

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I have no drawings to show you this week, mostly due to this:

snow on the mailboxes

which made both my work day and my commute time longer. I did not have as much time in the evenings for play.

That's okay. I am very excited to share a photo from my walk today...

I was walking along the bike path, which runs next to the creek, when I saw a group of ducks paddling towards something like there was a human giving out bread...

Except I was the only human, and they weren't paddling towards me.

I looked.
And then I saw what they were interested in...

who is he?

Who is that?! He looks like a ferret. And I think he was about that size. He did swim in the creek.

The ducks were very interested in him. And he did not bother them. He is definitely a carnivore, but too small to take on a mallard, especially with the whole flock staring at him!

I think he might be a Mink? How awesome is that!

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