sun 1 dec 2013

For the last week of my daily drawing project I drew a goat, and then several different turkeys...

Patrick at Farm Sanctuary

Here is a drawing of Daphne, who is on the cover of the fall/winter Farm Sanctuary newsletter:

Daphne at Farm Sanctuary

This is an unnamed turkey, who is on the cover of the nov/dec Audubon magazine:

Audubon turkey

And this is a drawing I did from one of my own photos I took at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary, an awesome vegan sanctuary that I ♥love♥:

Peaceful Prairie turkey

I love turkeys! They are such lovely creatures. Plus they have the most beautiful eyes. I wish I could look into their eyes for a long time. That sounds funny, doesn't it. But trust me... find a really good, close up photo of a turkey's face and you will see their eyes are amazing! (and please don't base your judgement on my crappy drawings!!)

Also, I love birds in general because they are so accessible... and turkeys are the biggest bird I'm going to see in the urban wild. Yep, there's a small group of turkeys who live in a forest park a few miles from my home. They occasionally travel! I've seen them stopping traffic on my street and I've seen them wander thru the front yard.

How cool is that?!

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