3 piles of projects
sat 30 nov 2013

my 3 current projects

The pile on the left is the art pile.
My project for november is Art Everyday. The pile includes the magazines I have drawn from, the photos I've printed up, different kinds of paper (that I've not actually used), my 4x6 index cards along with my trusty mechanical pencil and white vinyl eraser.

The pile on the right is the Amnesty International letters.
This is my project for this long weekend. So far I have written letters of protest and notecards of support for 6 of the 10 cases!

The pile includes all the letters, since I decided not to mail them until the Write for Rights campaign "officially" begins on 2 december. Also in the pile are my stamps: the round global forever stamps and the US stamps are the Modern Art forever stamps (I bought a bajillion sheets of these, because I love art, and now I so tired of them!) (ha).

And my little set of Hallmark cards, there in the middle... I usually make my own notecards, but I am glad I decided to use up some of my "bought" stash. When you're writing so many letters in a single weekend, it's good to make things as easy as possible! Making my own: I have to choose a design, print it, cut and fold it, and then dig out an envelope for it. These bought notecards have a design of leaves on a teal background. They are beautiful, gender non-specific, and small so I don't feel like I have to write too much! Easy.

The pile at the top of the pic is my journal binding project.
This year I've been journalling on loose leaf paper... not just writing by hand, but also printing up some digital journal pages. It really works well for me, except I don't take the time to bind up the papers very often.

Which is fine. It's nice to get a little perspective -- aka let months pass -- before looking through journal pages.

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