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sat 16 nov 2013

I worked in pencil, and pencil + copics, on a few furry animals this week. But my beginner's luck is over and I had to crumple up a lot of ugly index cards! ha. oh well, I kept trying until I could almost recognize the critters I was drawing!

the guinea pigs

the guinea pigs

I drew Lucy and Ethel several days in a row... at first attempting some live sketches. Much frustration and crumpling ensued. Then I printed out their photo and drew from that.

I think I might have to practice for years instead of just one month a year.

Missy at the humane society


I need to remind myself that my drawing "goal" is not photo realism. I have a camera for photos!!

My goal here is along the lines of my paper journal... to record the things important to me. To have fun. To remember.

Drawing is a skill that, with practice, can be improved. And I am here to practice!

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