weekend roundup
sun 10 nov 2013

I think it's decided. Drawing furry animals is difficult!

attempt at a cat

Good thing I still have 20 days to practice!

I am also playing catch up with my postcard and mailing projects. I love sending mail! My ongoing goal is to send a monthly postcard to the two mailing groups I belong to, and a few friends and family. The mailing list is currently between 60 and 70 postcards.

But then I pick up random Swap-Bot projects that look fun. And then I want to send something special to someone. And then there are a few replies to be made... yeah: there's a pile.

This weekend, I cleared out the Swap-Bot projects. And I wrote a couple replies. And I really organized that pile, so that I can pick up the top project and get going with it quickly and easily!

Also worked on an Amnesty International case.

When I read I Am Malala, I was reminded that my Amnesty International work was important. Having recently finished E.O. Wilson's Biophilia (the fire ant!), I was reminded again...

He writes about the terrible changes that come to Surinam, in South America, after a dictator comes into power in 1980. Wilson was concerned about the human rights violations as well as the environmental destruction. He mentions Amnesty International's Urgent Action cases in the footnotes.

As a member of the Urgent Action Network, I must continue my activism! It is so important!

I've signed up for the USA Write for Rights, which happens in December. But the UK Write for Rights is already under way!

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