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fri 1 nov 2013


My goal for November is to make art every day!

It doesn't have to be good art. And if I don't want to show it, I don't have to!

But I am going to work on a 4x6 index card or paper every day this month.

I actually did a test run on tuesday...

practice drawing

I drew this picture from a Dover book in pencil. Inked it with a brush tip Multiliner SP, erased the pencil then coloured the background with copic wides and sketch markers. I am happy with my fish and it took about half an hour.

Today is the first official day of the Art Month:

1 nov

This is the back side of a California Poppy, inspired by a photo in the Fall edition of National Parks magazine.

No pencil work on this one, I drew straight up with my copics. This drawing was less about the actual drawing and more about the blending of the colours. I feel like I need some practice!

And practice is exactly the point of this month of art!!

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