Amnesty International
sat 26 oct 2013

Another important project that I've abandoned but want to get back to is Amnesty International's Urgent Action Network.

Amnesty International

I've been an active member of the UAN since December 2011. I had written a few letters for their annual Write for Rights campaign that December and got hooked.

I had been taking on one case -- sending three or four letters of protest -- almost every weekend. In 2012, I wrote letters for 40 cases. And this year I wanted to do more!

I started out very strong, in January and February I would sometimes write two cases in a weekend! After that, my letter writing kind of fizzled, only writing once or twice in a month.

The last case I wrote for was Urgent Action #205-2013. I sent four letters to Cuba at the end of August. Nothing since then.

This week, I read I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban.

And I am sadly reminded of all the violence in the world. Writing for Amnesty International was my form of peace activism. Why have I stopped? Why in the world have I quit?

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So far this year, I've worked on 24 UAN cases... I am not sure I'll be able to match the 40 cases I completed in 2012. But I'm going to try!

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