sun 11 aug 2013

I now have a working printer! I got up and running on monday, and I've been printing and mailing a few things every day. Then I left work early on friday, and was able to put a LOT of stuff in the saturday morning mail!

Amnesty International mail

Might need more stamps!

guinea pigs

Lucy and Ethel. Still trying to capture the cuteness, but black faces are impossible! Maybe I should try drawing them?

top of the sunflower

This is our Grey Stripe Sunflower... Pretty sure the description is about the seeds, not about the flower! :)

The plant is probably 6.5 feet tall, and that's a bud in the center. Our other sunflower plant (the short one) was a Zubulon, and it only had one flower. I'm hoping the Grey Stripe has multiples.

I eat zucchini at every single meal. Even breakfast... zucchini with a few tater tots, quite tasty! But I can't keep up with the garden abundance. Thinking about freezing some...

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