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sun 4 aug 2013

My Sunflower!

Yay the baby sunflower of last weekend is now a beautiful bloom! It's also the shortest sunflower in the whole community garden... everyone else has nine-foot tall sunflowers. This one is barely two feet off the ground! I had to crouch down low to get this photo! haha! cute lil' thing!

And then I spent some time watching the happy bees buzz thru the borage. :) I saw this yellow beetle on one of the flowers... a couple bees noticed the yellow beetle and didn't land on the star flower. But then one of the bees said "Move aside, bug! I've got work to do!"

Get out of the way, I'm coming in for a landing!

The beetle moved to the back side of the flower and the bee took sips of nectar then moved on.

spotted cucumber beetle

This bug, by the way, is a Spotted Cucumber Beetle. He's a "pest" who eats pretty much every garden plant, as an adult. As a larva he eats the roots of corn. I don't have any corn, and I've never seen the beetle on my cucumber plants... just the coreopsis flowers, and now the borage, both of which are quite healthy. So, to me right now: he's just a colourful visitor!

But for future reference: Lacewings and ladybugs will eat the eggs of the Cuc Beetle. And some of the plants which can repel the beetle are broccoli, radish, catnip, calendula. And Nasturtiums...this is the first time I've not had nasturtiums in the garden, I must be sure to replant them next year!

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