Lucy and Ethel
sat 8 June 2013

Yesterday we adopted two guinea pigs from Greenhill Humane Society...

Ethel and Lucy

Ethel and Lucy are Abyssinian guinea pigs, and they have cowlicks and swirls in their fur all over their body, including their heads.

They were abandoned... left in their cage on the door step of a local veterinary clinic. So we have no history on them, and they had to guess at their ages: Ethel is about 2 and Lucy is about 1. (Guinea pigs live to be about 5 or 6 years old.)

Lucy and Ethel are super sweet, easy to pick up and are not shy at all! They are quite talkative... I love to hear them talking to each other as they walk around their new house, and even when I pick one up they still talk to each other!

This morning, I came down the stairs and sat next to the gp house to say "Good Morning" and Ethel came running up to greet me. Lucy was a bit slower, but she said Hello as well.

They are wonderful.

I am definitely not a complete person without a furry one in my life. With pets in the house, I am back to being Real!

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