productive weekend
sun 31 mar 2013

A few more things done this weekend!

Saturday morning workspace

Another batch of postcards out the door. Taxes done. All the regular weekend chores are completed. And I got great exercise...

Hooded Merganser couple

My beautiful Hooded Merganser girl has found someone special! I am so happy for her.

Fiscars softouch weeder

I carried my hand gardening tool with me, intending to get a head start on the weeds in the community garden plot... whoops: the weeds are way ahead of me!

Plus, I discovered several clumps of "The Bane Of My Existance"... an evil weed we tried to irradicate last year. (I still don't know it's name.)

I used my hand tool mercilessly.
And now I'm a bit sore.
But The Bane has been somewhat decimated.

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