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sun 24 mar 2013

Procrastination has been ruling my life again.

My inbox is overflowing. I've not exercised in the past two weeks. The lunches that I take to work have been the simplest, easiest, quickest I can make, and not always healthy.

the printer pile
the desk pile

I've still got LetterMo replies (from february) to write. Plus I've a stack of over 50 postcards that are sitting in my printer bay, needing to be cut up and written on. 50!

I'm signed up for an online class, it started this week but I can't even get through the first lesson. The piles of "I'll deal with it later" are growing. And the wonderful projects that I've planned out in my head, are stuck there in my head. Giving me nightmares. Nightmares!

My car is falling apart. My taxes aren't done. And I need a hair cut.

Not to mention: It's Spring! I need to start thinking about garden stuff. Some lime needs to be thrown down and the clover needs to be cut and mixed with the soil. (Pretend to be a real gardener!)

So! This is my call to action! Sunday will be a Day of Doing! I think that getting just a few things done will help get the ball rolling.

Today's Accomplishments...
  All the printer pages and postcards are cut up and organized.
  Two loads of laundry. Bills paid and junk mail sorted.
  BH Postcards written and stamped. (16 pcs out of the 50+)
  A bit of tidy happened in my computer area.
  Short letter to my vegan pen pal.
  A short walk is better than no walk...

a walk with cherry blossoms is bliss

  worked on paper journal.
  Printed up my class lessons.

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