sun 17 mar 2013

I was forced to do chores today, since I avoided such things yesterday. So, my many projects will have to wait for another weekend.

But nothing could keep me from a walk through the neighborhood... blue skies, fluffy white clouds, and the cherry trees are blooming...

cherry blossoms

Oh how I adore the cherry blossoms. I love them so much I might change my favorite season from autumn to spring! Seriously, I love them that much.

*happy laugh*

I walked out to my PO box and discovered my first real mail there. Some junk mail to the previous occupant. sighs. But at least it was artsy junk mail: from a pottery biz in Seattle.

I walked along the creek and saw a female Hooded Merganser!

Hooded Merganser

I didn't even have to look her up in my bird book, she had the exact same shape as the male I saw a few months ago! She was trying to hang out with the teals, but the males were having none of it. They were chasing her away, and she was swimming away pretty fast.

I walked out to our Community Garden plot to check on the garlic we planted last fall. It's doing great, plus there are some good patches of the cover crop growing as well! Not sure when we will get around to plowing that under.

There have been other happy surprises in the garden plot...

community garden crocuses

This was a major surprise, because I don't remember planting crocuses! But then I vaguely remembered buying some bulbs from one of my co-workers. That was 2010, but only the wind flowers came up in the following spring. I suppose I also bought some crocus bulbs.

And today, I was reacquainted with the hyacinth I planted last year.

I am thinking about turning that photo into a postcard. So, if you'd like to see it, be sure to sign up for a free postcard! :)

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