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sun 3 apr 2011


SO and I visited the community garden plot for the first time this year...

Let me tell you something...

As a vegan, and an environmentalist, and an anarchist, and everything else that I am... I deeply believe that Personal Organic/Veganic Gardens are a major part of saving the world.

But, me being me; I don't actually want to do it myself.

But, me being the responsible vegan I am; I am going to do it anyway.


So, here's the deal. This will be our third year at the community garden. We are very lucky to have a plot! The past two years of gardening, we have not been "serious" and we are always on the verge of getting kicked out, because I think "weeds" are wildflowers.

This year, I have decided to Pretend to be a "real" gardener.

What that actually means? Yeah, not sure yet! :)

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