lazy sunday
sun 8 july 2012

I did a few chores today, but mostly it's been a nice quiet day. *happy Ahhhh*

I installed the newest edition of my desktop publishing software. This is the program I use to make my postcards and it is one of the most important programs I own, and I use it every time I turn on my computer.

PagePlus by Serif I went from the old X5 edition to the newest X6, and some of the features that I use extensively got moved around in the new program. I couldn't find them and had to get the book out, and then they had renamed one of them so I couldn't even find it in the index! ack! I cursed Serif loudly and for all time while I paged through that user manual like a mad person!

And then I found it, figured out how to use the new process... and decided it's much better in the new place! haha.

I might take back my curses.

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