sat 7 july 2012

Set out to the community garden early this morning, since the people who know predicted uncomfortably warm weather for today. (Yeah, okay: it was 87°F/30°C today, but it is our first real day of warmness. And it still sucks without air conditioning!)

Last weekend, I had bought some blue daisies when I went to Saturday Market with my Mom. We went to the garden that afternoon, and planted the pepper plant and basils that I also got. But we had to leave before we got to the flowers because of a rain shower.

Unfortunately, the sun has been shining ever since, and the pepper plant died of lack of water. The basils might not live either. eh.

I told Significant Other that we need to start watering daily. I really hope my flowers live, because I just love them...

blue daisy

The weeds have sprung up in our cleared areas, and the grass is starting to grow again. SO and I worked on that for a little while.

The four different tomato plants are well established with deep roots, and they are going to give us lots of good fruit! I can't wait!


The slugs got one of my cucumber plants, but the other two are healthy and growing. I've planted zucchinis twice now, and the slugs got both of them. So much for soup and zucchini bread.

Significant Other mentioned how pretty the red and orange flowers were. I said, "Nasturtium. You can eat them." He didn't believe me, but he plucked a flower. I added, "It has a peppery taste." He ate it. They are a bit too spicy for my taste, but I agree, they are pretty! :)

The strawberries are pretty much done. Two sweet potatoes are still alive. A few carrots. and the creeping thyme seems to be holding it's own... the lemon thyme got lost under the nasturtiums. Don't know what to think of the mustard greens: they went to flower as soon as I planted them, and now they have short green sticks coming off their stems along with the flowers.

The snow peas got planted pretty late, but they are growing and one has a flower. Not sure if they'll do anything other than that... Wish the first ones I planted had lived: I love peas!

And the one sunflower that lived is a good 3 feet tall! The other plants keep dying, but as long as I get some pretty flowers, I'll be happy.

Happy enough to do it again next year?


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