birthday week
thurs 10 may 2012

I am having a wonderful birthday week!

At the day job, we celebrated my birthday at our tuesday company meeting. They got me a delish VEGAN red velvet cake from Sweet Life, a local bakery. And our product specialist Marianne made me a happy-happy unicorn birthday card!

  I Like Markers: Quick Unicorn Card (yep, that's my cake! The orange-ish tag on it says something along the lines of "no animal products" :)

My mail box and inbox have many happy sentiments in them! Yay, thank you!

And my Significant Other has been working in the garden... His goal was to clear out all the evil weeds this week and surprise me this weekend. Unfortunately the weed killing tool broke, so he was not able to complete his goal.

But it's the thought that counts and I am very pleased with all the work he has done. I knew the weed killer was going to break, and I went ahead and bought a second one. We will figure out the "25 Year Warranty" on the broken one (and possibly on the broken two!), later.

The day job has been so slow that this week, instead of doing my regular job of "Shipping/Receiving Warehouse Person", I have been doing some proof-reading work. It's good to do something different every once in a while, but I really like proofing!

And because it's been so slow at work... I almost feel obligated to take a day off. So my birthday on friday will be the beginning of a long weekend!

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