moving the furniture
sat 5 may 2012

Yeehaw! I am moving the stuff in my bedroom around, which hasn't happened since we moved in here in 2005. whoa, seven years just flies by, huh?!

My bedroom is small, and I have a lot of junk jammed in here... including all my computer stuff. Moving computer stuff isn't really fun to begin with, and I honestly thought I had the perfect arrangement.

But then Significant Other came home with an orphan computer. Somebody's mom bought a new computer and wasn't sure what to do with the old one. SO figured I could look at it and keep it if I could use it, or we could take it to our lovely neighbors Next Step Recycling. (They refurbish old computers and sell them cheap to people who need them!)

I suddenly remembered that I love playing with computer bits! And I looked at my current computer set up... I was down to one monitor, the cords and cables are chaos, and nothing is easily accessible. ugh.

serious ugh.

And I started thinking about how to make the back of the computers, with all the cord connections, more available. If I had just a couple of feet of clearance...

Yep. And now I am re-arranging my bedroom!

I spent a few hours on it today, and now my main computer has a new home. With 16inches of space behind for me to play, and space to set up a secondary computer and monitor. Possibly space for a third computer. nice.

I still have a jumble of cables to deal with tho.

cable mess

It's a major disaster in here. But the important stuff is good: my computer is connected to the internet (regardless of the cords I'll probably trip on), and there is a semi-clear pathway from the bedroom door to my bed (see tripping advisory)! And the bed is available for sleeping. sleep: very important!

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