a non-adventuresome day
sat 21 apr 2012

Sometimes I just need to hide in the house all day!

I put a couple postcards in the mail this morning. (yeah, still working on the March postcards.) Finished reading the Pern book, Dragon's Kin, and paged through the next one, Dragonsblood.

I spent an inordinate amount of time organizing this weeks incoming mail. I got a lot of mail this week, for whatever reason.

For the monthly exchanges that I'm in, I scan in the PCs and keep the files in a separate directory on my computer: that way I can see at a glance if someone isn't sending. For the Swap-Bot postcards, I need to go to the website and acknowledge everything that I've rcvd. For any other mail, I need to note the mail that needs a reply. That particular list is growing...

  The 52 Letter Project: Thoughts on Letter Writing

Ha, this post about not being able to send reply mail right away resonated with me! Currently, the oldest mail I need to respond to is from 22 March. *shakes head* I go through phases with mail responses... One time I actually got to the point where I responded to a note the very next day!! ha, that was an anomaly; usually I'm about a month behind, I think six or seven weeks has been my worst response time.

This evening I was thinking about watching some videos... I am still on Lesson 5 at the Letter Love 101 calligraphy class. And I've not even started on the March Strathmore Online Workshop (this one is free, check it out!)

But, then again, I've discovered Avatar: The Last Airbender... it's free on Amazon Prime. The story line is pretty good, plus it's got great creatures.

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