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fri 20 apr 2012

Cornbread Cafe

Significant Other picked me up from the day job this afternoon and we went directly to the vegan and wonderful Cornbread Cafe. I love the food there, and because we came at an optimal time, we had the entire dining area to ourselves!

I tried out the new Moody Portabello. Very good, but I think the Phish is still my fav. Also tried the cheesy biscuits, instead of my usual cornbread... hm, not sure which I like better!

We've never had any of their desserts because they give you a bit too much food for dinner. They make pies and cakes there. Also would love to try out their weekend breakfasts...

From a blog I read:
  The Vegan RD: Is Umami a Secret Ingredient of Vegan Activism?

This rather long article became suddenly interesting to me when it mentioned (If you know someone who has the annoying habit of putting ketchup on everything, it turns out that he or she is an umami trendsetter.)

*snort* yep. I do that. Up until now, I was slightly ashamed at myself! But now, I'm a trendsetter!

haha. I've even tried ketchup on my almond butter sandwich! Vegan Trendsetter!

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