it's definitely monday
mon 16 apr 2012

sheesh, what a day. First thing, I knew it was going to be off. This morning, before I left for work, I went to grab the out-going mail... and there wasn't any! In the craziness to make all those sets of postcards, I never actually got around to the writing and stamping part! ack.

It was sprinkling as I left the house, but for some dumb reason I didn't feel like putting on my boots. It's just barely sprinkling! But I should have got out the boots. Half-way to work, my shoes got wet, waiting at the stop light, my socks were wet, and by the time I got to work, my feet were squishing in water.

sighs. nice way to start out the week, huh?

And then, because I was especially lazy on sunday night, I had packed a blah lunch for myself. ugh! I really need some serious re-arranging in my lunch thought process!

My standard, quick and easy lunch is a handful of corn chips, three or four baby carrots and a sandwich. It's homemade bread, so that's healthy. But today the filling was just a Boca burger.

I don't like convenience foods, except that they are so convenient! ha. Plus I got tired of nut butter sandwiches about ten decades ago. ;)

I used to bake up a batch of tofu to put in my sandwiches. or I would make my own hummus in the blender: one can of chick peas, one can of black olives. I've not prepared either of these in ages, it's just too much work even tho the change would be good, not to mention tasty.

I just don't like cooking. Or spending time in the kitchen. Or washing up dishes. None of it is the least bit fun to me!

So I make the easiest and quickest foods possible... and I am completely bored with my boring options!

I keep thinking that one day I will get so sick and tired of the boring food that I will get radical and actually make something wonderful! Unfortunately, it looks like I'm just going to die of boredom and apathy instead!

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