Postcard Day
sun 15 apr 2012

I decided to make today a homebody day -- even tho it's warm and not raining and I could put another dent into the garden... But my poor introverted self needs to recover from the shock that was Saturday Market! ha.

Good thing, too. I glanced at some of my postcard projects, and I have quite a few deadlines looming! So I am printing postcards today, which I'll work on and send out through the week.

  Most important is the GoodReads postcard exchange that I host. Today was the sign-up deadline, and I assigned partners for everyone and sent out addresses to all the players. This is a special round, and I'm sending out postcards to all the participants, and all the past members as well!

Yay Mail! 13 postcards. I haven't decided on the photo yet, but it'll be from the same batch as my March Postcard... So I'm not going to reveal the photo here yet.

  Yeah: I am still sending out March Postcards! This is another project, but it does not have a deadline. Altho, at some point embarrassment will provide a deadline, say if I'm still sending out spring postcards in november. heh.

  Send a PC #1, a Swap-Bot exchange for three postcards. I decided to send an old one:


We planted this aster plant in our community garden in 2010, and it bloomed like crazy all autumn! This is one of my favorite photos of it.

  Serial PC Swappers - Week #58... PIGS This was a swap from the first week of april, but one of the postcards I sent, got returned to me because the address got ripped up. ack!


I love all of my photos and memories from my 2010 trip to Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary, a vegan sanctuary in Colorado. This is Sunshine, isn't she wonderful?!

  Serial PC Swappers - Week #60... And this is the current weekly swap. A vegan friend of mine runs the Serial PC swaps. I don't sign-up for all of them, but they are always good and fun. I've got all new partners for this one, so I think I'll send out my March postcard.

  Photo Bookmark: April, Blue... Yeah, photo bookmarks are a different format! 2 inches by 7 inches... whoa! It's hard to figure out what will look decent in these dimensions! I've still got next weekend to work on this one, and I'm taking the extra time because I am stretching myself a little and I want my bookmarks to be lovely! ha. something blue:


  and then, too, I have a bunch of returns I need to send. (never enough time, need vacation!)

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