normal saturday
sat 7 apr 2012

gosh, I really wanted to be lazy today.

But I woke up at 5:30am and my brain started screaming at me almost immediately. gah. On a work day, I would kill to be able to sleep just a couple more hours... But on the weekend, when I have those hours, my stupid brain demands action.

Usually I start my saturdays with some postcards. My mail man comes a little after 9am and I like to have a good handful in the out-going mail. But today I had a package to prepare... and at 9am I was walking to the nearest blue USPS mailbox.

Back at home, I had a week's worth of mail I needed to sort through and record. I'm keeping a list of all my mail. When I keep on top of the list, it works really well and I can see at a glance who I need to send postcards or notecards to!

Which means, I can see I am about three weeks behind on responses. oops.

A couple loads of laundry... the laundry room is in the second building over. I notice the cute little lawn daisies are happily blooming. The snow had killed off the crocuses, but the daffodils that bloomed after the snow haven't been stolen yet! And at least two people in the neighborhood are mowing.

Clean laundry is hanging to dry and let's go to the community garden! It's our first trip of the year.

And our new left-side neighbor is there and just starting to make a dent in her plot. We introduce ourselves and she tells us she's been gardening for decades (oh great.) but this is her first time in a community garden and she's here mostly for the social aspects (run away!).

I let my Significant Other chat with social lady. I try not to be rude, but...

I am not social. I am asocial. and I do not like to talk to strangers. I am pretty sure social lady is going to be the bane of my gardening existence!

I pick out the weeds from last year's failed carrot patch. The carrots are all big and slug eaten. But there are a couple that are putting up new leaves. Maybe they'll bloom and make seeds someday.

SO has forked a little section right behind the strawberry patch and we toss down some snow peas, heirloom carrots and cilantro. And then I do run away from social lady! I wonder if she'll be there on sunday as well. :P

On the way home, we stop at Divine Cupcake for some vegan goodness. SO got the plain chocolate cupcake and I tried the Warm Fuzzy, a Chai latte spiced cake with vanilla/cinnamon buttercream frosting. I don't like chai, so this was an experiment. A very tasty and delicious experiment. *thumbs up*

Back at home again for some reading. The daily blogging has taken a bite out of my reading time. But that's okay. I'm only reading a couple of books and none of them are very exciting. I need to find something new to read...

maybe tomorrow, I'll look through my book piles.

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