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fri 6 apr 2012

20 Jan 2012, I received an email alert from Amnesty International. Mexico: Military Threatens Family of Tortured Men (UA 019/12)

The case sheet says that four men were arrested by the Mexican military in June 2009 "on suspicion of kidnapping" charges; they were held and tortured for two weeks before they were allowed access to family and lawyers. The families had filed complaints with the National Human Rights Commission. In mid January of this year, family members of one of the men were threatened at their home, by the military.

I wrote letters of protest to several government officials in Mexico and the Mexican state of Baja California. I expressed my concern for the families' safety. My letters were mailed on 23 jan 2012.

3 apr 2012, I received my very first response from an Amnesty International letter! Dated Mexico, D.F. a 20 de febrero de 2012 from Subprocuaduria Juridica y de Asuntos Internacionales. The letter is entirely Spanish. I can't read it!

A friend of mine translated it for me. I should have written it down because I don't remember the exact words she said! It's okay: it was a good response.

The letter mentions the family members by name and acknowledges that they have been threatened and intimidated by the Mexican military. And they are working to correct this problem.

It's more than just a form letter, or so I want to believe! The letter was signed... and it's initialed by someone else in different coloured ink. Plus it was sent "delivery confirmation". That has to be something, right?!!

Well. I will be checking with Amnesty International, I'm sure they'd like to see a copy of the letter. And my translator friend thanked me for sending my letters of protest.

Yeah. IDK... I figure since I am all crazy about mailing stuff, typing up a few letters of protest for Amnesty International is the least I can do!

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