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mon 28 nov 2011

The other day, walking around the apartment complex, I noticed that the oak leaves at the other end of our parking lot were much redder than the tan ones that are right outside our door.

Hmm. So I grab a red leaf, and it looks way different than our tan leaves. Still obviously an oak tree, just something different...

Our tan oak leaves look like this:

oak leaf

I'm pretty sure the above is a California black oak. Now, compare and contrast with unknown, more reddish leaf...

oak leaf

And, since this leaf isn't even vaguely in my "Western Region" field guide... I guess that means I need a new field guide! humph.

But here we have the entire Internet. ...

Hm. Internet research sucks when you don't know what you're looking for! haha!

Pin Oak?? oh wait, this page says: "Black Oak Leaf: The leaves are of ovate or obovate shape. The shade leaves have superficial areas between the lobes, while the sun leaves have deep ones."

But how can you have an entire tree of shade leaves over here and an entire tree of sun leaves over there?

And here's an awesome page... Designing with Leaf and Tree Species! At least I know the difference between oaks and maples!!

Well, anyway. I suppose I must remain in ignorance for now! Crazy oak trees!

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