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long weekend Totals
sun 27 nov 2011

I'm finishing up my glorious long weekend with a bit of a lazy day. But that usual for a sunday. And I got so much happiness done during my four day weekend...

  25 Postcards! which means I got about ½ through my "october" mailing!

  7.5 hours of crochet! 3.5 hours to finish the large Waffle Dish Cloth. The rest of the time was spent on a scarf which is now only 2 or 3 hours from being finished!

  235 pages read! but I didn't finish any of the (longish) books I'm reading. Which makes me feel silly since I bought a couple of extra books to read this weekend! haha.

  Chores Done: 1 Just because I always do laundry on the weekend! :)

  Movies Watched: 1.3! Got all the way through Labyrinth. But only an hour into The Postman, eh.

  Relaxing Done: 100%

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