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tues 29 nov 2011

I was thinking about that last web site link that I put up yesterday... Designing with Leaf and Tree Species...

The author doesn't come right out and say it, but because she knows trees, she is annoyed when artists and crafters get trees wrong. Like putting acorns with sycamore leaves.

yep, yep *nods*

I am exactly the same way about artists putting the moon in the wrong phase.

Drives me crazy!

You know? We see the moon because of reflected sunlight. So when you see the moon, you always know exactly where the sun is!

Learning how to place shadows is a big deal for artists. But they don't apply what they've learned to the moon.

And it drives me crazy!

I don't know why it drives me so crazy. I wish I could just call it "artistic licence" and be done with it.

heh. *shakes head* And now I'm wondering if everyone has that one thing they know about, like trees or the moon or pinball machines or whatever, and we get annoyed when an artist depicts it incorrectly.

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