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sat 26 nov 2011

I am having a happy day making things... but certain circumstances seem to be thwarting me!

I started the day by making another handful of "october" postcards. I was just able to get them in the mailbox before my wonderful postman arrived.

But that handful of postcards was all I was able to manage because my poor printer is having a nervous breakdown. All the ink cartridges have ink in them, but the colour being printed is horribly OFF!

arg. Well, hopefully it will sort itself out...

I spent about an hour working on my cable scarf. And then I looked at the front, and realized I had made a terrible mistake two and a half cable rounds ago. It takes about 25 mins to crochet a single cable round.

I had to rip out about an hours worth of crocheting!

*shakes head*

And yet, I still have happiness for my projects. These minor setbacks do not get me down!

I also made a copy of my October One Sentence Journal, a Swap-Bot project. I had so much fun making my little book! And I wanted to share it with my co-workers, and with my family when I go to see them at winter break.

Amazingly, this project went without a hitch! Printed out great, cut it out great, and then punched out the binding perfectly! yay, there is hope for the future!

I wanted to work on one more project today... But it would have involved an X-acto knife. I decided not to push my luck! ha.

You remember this? (you'll see the rest if you click on my 2011 art tag.)

dragonfly stencil art

I had made a couple of bookmarks in this style... cutting out the design, then colouring the background page and the stencil itself and gluing them together. Very fun.

But, non-organized person that I am, I misplaced my pretty bookmarks. huh. But then I was moving my piles around the other day, and I found the big dragonfly and two of my bookmarks! Yay!

And now I want to make some more!

eh, maybe tomorrow...

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