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wed 9 nov 2011

Okay, yay. You noticed I got my One Sentence Journal done last night. I just got done double checking it; there's one little continuity problem, but I doubt anyone but me would notice it. (I've never been a professional editor, but dang, I should be! :)

So, it'll be in the mail to Germany tomorrow.

It would be nice to take a rest after all that work. But I can't! I have Swap-Bot postcards due. My poor pen pal in the Netherlands, all she ever wanted was a letter from me and I've procrastinated that to ridiculous. All the house cleaning projects are still hanging over my head. The web site needs some work, too.

On the other hand, finishing such a big project is like having a weight lifted. And my brain is starting to look around for new things to think about and do!

Like some photography...

sun set

A few months ago, I discovered the Auto Bracket for the exposure.

I'm totally all about point and shoot. I can never remember which way I'm supposed to go with the aperture. And all those other settings don't even do anything! (I'm kidding.) (Kind of.)

But this auto bracket thing!! I set it up, the camera takes three photos, and then I get to choose which one I like! I don't have to worry about which way I'm supposed to go with the manual settings! yay!


Anyway. I took the above picture today, on my way home from the day job. I really like how it turned out!

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