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composting and plastic
tues 8 nov 2011

Was thrilled to see on the front page of the local newspaper an article about the city starting a new food waste pickup alongside our normal garbage and recycling collection!!

Right now, it's an experiment with just a few businesses. They're worried about plastics getting into the food scraps, which would "ruin" the compost. At the end of the year, they will assess and go from there... hopefully to expanding the service!

Not that it will make a difference in my life... We've got our precious worms eating up our food waste. And they are so wonderful that I wish everyone had a worm box!

Also good in the news... It sounds like our city will be considering a plastic bag ban.

I was so disappointed a few months ago when they failed to ban plastic bags for the whole state. Now they're going city by city. Portland got their ban in October.

I just wish people would hurry up and do the right thing already! :)

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