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thurs 10 nov 2011

Been so busy with the projects, I've cut back on both my reading and my sleep. And my paper journal writing! thusly, I am slowly going mad. But that's okay. Well, it's okay when I'm not yelling at Significant Other to leave me the bleep alone! (so sorry, my lover.)

Anyway. Here I am typing about the books I haven't read in days!

  Sophie's Choice I bought this as an ebook before I got my Kindle... I started reading it on my computer, but it was so boring I had to set it aside. I started over, and now I'm about 50 pages in. It's still pretty boring. But it's a classic, and a banned book. And I really like to expand my list of read banned books!

How to Keep a Naturalists Notebook

  How to Keep a Naturalist's Notebook I have barely started reading this, but I'm enjoying it already. Info on "bins" (binoculars) is great for the clueless newbie (me). The book is based on bird watching, and it makes me think I should be more serious about that!

Happy Reading!

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