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mon 7 nov 2011

the time change yesterday makes all the difference in my morning ritual of walking to the day job! Friday morning was pitch black, I was wondering if I needed a flashlight... This morning the sun was shining -- well, it was shining behind the rain clouds, but it was definitely there!

ha. I've been working at the Copic Warehouse for three years now, but this is the first winter that I've had these annoying hours. When I walk, I leave the house at 7:10am. And now the sun is rising at 6:57, plenty of light!

After I walked home this afternoon, Significant Other had to tell me all about the Pinball Tournament he went to in Portland on Sunday. Unfortunately, he did not do so well, but he had a lot of fun, so that's good.

The qualifying was 9 games and you had to get 19 points in order to play in the tournament. Four people on one machine, first place got you 4 points, second and third got points and fourth got none.

SO won three of the games he played, but only ended up with 15 points at the end of qualifying. foo!

This was a much bigger competition than the one he did in August. Also, since it was in Portland, he had never played any of the pinball machines.

I should send him up there to practice a little before the next tournament! :)

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